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Исполнитель: Another Mask

Название песни: Refuse

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Дата добавления: 2014-06-18

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Текст песни:

This wind through my hair
Blows my mind away
Forgetting is real
When you don't want to stay

Don't call me your friend
Don't tell me your lies
But how many dreams go
Before your eyes

Fade away
You keep fading

There's nothing but walls
That reach to the sky
My present to you
Is that you're no more mine
Rewind all the tapes
Set it back to the start
I'd rather destroy us
Than make me your part

No one ever told me the truth
No one ever loved me as I did
No one ever was real for me
But now I’m waking up

Don't try anymore
To make me believe
In your filthy words
In your dirty dreams

For all of the memories
We just have to lose
Uncovering truth
That you keep to refuse

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Refuse Another Mask

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