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Исполнитель: Гершвин

Название песни: Lady, be good

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-31

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Текст песни:

Listen to my tale of woe,

It's terribly sad, but true.

All dressed up, no place to go,

Each ev'ning I'm awfully blue

I know I'm a winsome miss / I must win some handsome guy

Can't go on like this,

I could blossom out I know,

With somebody just like you. So...

Chorus :

Oh, sweet and lovely lady, be good

Oh, lady, be good to me

I am so awf'ly misunderstood

So lady, be good to me

Oh, please have some pity

I'm all alone in this big city

I tell you I'm just a lonesome babe in the wood,

So lady be good to me.


Oh lady be good to me.

Видео: Дж. Гершвин "Lady Be Good"


Lady, be good Гершвин

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