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Название песни: On Fire

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Yeah, ya know, critics man
Critics never got nuttin' nice to say, man
You know, the one thing I noticed about critics man?
Is, critics never ask me how my day went, well I'ma tell 'em

[Verse One]
Uh, yesterday my dog died, I hog tied a h**
Tied her in a bow, said "Next time you blog, try to spit a flow"
You wanna criticize dog? Try a little mo'
I'm so tired of this I could blow, fire in the hole

I'm fired up so fire up the lighter and the dro
Better hold on a little tighter, here I go
Flow's tighter, hot headed as Ghost Rider
Cold hearted as Spider-Man throwin' a spider in the snow

So you better get lower than Flo Rida
Inside of a low rider with no tires in a hole
Why am I like this? Why is winter cold?
Why is it when I talk, I'm so biased to the h**s?

Listen dog, Christmas is off, this is as soft as it gets
This isn't golf, this is a blisterin' assault
Those are your wounds, this is the salt
So get lost, sh** dissin' me is just like p**sin' off

The Wizard of Oz, wrap a lizard in gauze
Beat you in the jaws with it, grab the scissors and saws and
Cut out your livers, gizzards and balls
Throw you in the middle of the ocean in the blizzard with Jaws

So sip p**s like sizzurp through a straw
Then describe how it tasted like dessert to us all
Got the gall to make Chris p**s in his drawers
Tickle him, go to his grave, skip him and visit his dog

You're on fire, that's how you know you're on a roll
Cause when you're hot it's like you're burnin' up everyone else is cold
You're on fire, man I'm so f**kin' sick
I got ambulances pullin' me over and sh**

You're on fire, you need to stop, drop and roll
Cause when you say the sh** to get the whole Hip Hop Shop to blow
You're on fire, yeah
You're on fire

[Verse Two]
I just put a bullsh** hook in between two long a** verses
If you mistook this for a song, look
This ain't a song it's a warnin' to Brooke
Hogan and David Cook, that the crook just took over, so book

Run as fast as you can, stop writin' and kill it
I'm lightin' in the skillet, you're a f**kin' a flash in the pan
I pop up you b**ches scatter like hot grease
Splashin' a fan, Mr. Mathers is the man

Yeah, I'm p**sed but I would rather take this energy and stash it in a can
Come back and whip your a** with it again
Saliva's like sulfuric acid in your hand
It'll eat through anythin' metal, the a** of Iron Man

Turn him into plastic, so for you to think that you could stand
A f**kin' chance is asinine, yeah ask Denaun, man
Hit a blind man with a colorin' book and told him
"Color inside the lines or get hit with a flyin' crayon"

F**k it, I ain't playin', pull up in a van
And hop out on a homeless man holdin' a sign sayin'
"Vietnam Vet," I'm out my f**kin' mind, man
Kick over the can, beat his a** and leave him nine grand

So if I seem a little mean to you
This ain't savage, you ain't never seen a brute
You wanna get graphic, we can go the scenic route
You couldn't make a bulimic puke on a piece of f**kin' corn and peanut poop

Sayin' you sick, quit playin' you prick
Don't nobody care, and why the f**k am I yellin' at air?
I ain't even talkin' to no one cause ain't nobody there
Nobody'll f**kin' test me 'cause these h**s won't even dare

I'm wastin' punchlines, but I got so many to spare
I just thought of another one that might go here
Nah, don't waste it, save it psycho, yeah
Plus you gotta rewrite those lines that you said about Michael's hair


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