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[also known as "Conflict At Ground Zero"]
[music by Myung, Petrucci, Portnoy, Rudess]
[lyrics by John Petrucci]

"A gallop snapshot poll taken immediately after President Bush's speach on
funding embryonic stem cell research last night shows that half of Americans
approve of his decision, 25% do not, and still another 25% are not sure what
to think."

"Most people don't even know what stem cells are."

"Who is going to scream the loudest? Will it be the right-to-lifers or will
it be the scientists? And now what is going to happen is there will be a
tremendous amount of lobbying in Washington, D.C.: scientists,
entertainers, people who want to see this research - will be coming forth."

"I am concerned about it. Christopher Reeves is concerned about it.
Everyone is concerned about it. The big question is do the ends justify
the means? When we talk about research, yes, we can cure a lot of things...
speculatively. But, where is the proof?"

"These developing human beings that you are talking about, these embryos,
were produced in an artificial, scientific environment. In vitro
fertilization is not God's will."

"That doesn't make them any less human, though, after that happens."

"We are on a road where we really don't know where we are going as far as
what's next. We are talking about harvesting embryos. We are talking about
this, we are talking about that, but what is the cost?"

"How could we possibly abandon the research?"

"That is right. That is the old question? If you think the research is good
then you may not have a problem with it. It is only if you think the
research is questionable that you get defensive about it. (You do have time
to research these embryos later if we choose to do so. While people are
suffering, we are not truly certain that this will provide a cure.)"

"And there was a great outrage in the conservative churches... You cannot
use developing humans... At that point in time they turn into humans."

"I feel that abandoning this research could be a mistake. Researching this
may allow us to save other lives or at least to improve the quality of

"We do not have the answers, yet. We need to put the money where we will get
those answers in the future. Listen, we are out of time."

What if someone said
Promise lies ahead
Hopes are high in certain scientific circles
Life won't have to end
You could walk again

What if someone said
Problems lie ahead
They've uncovered something highly controversial
The right to life is strong
Can't you see it's wrong

Humankind has reached a turning point
Poised for conflict at ground zero
Ready for a war
Do we look to our unearthly guide
Or to white coat heroes
Searching for a cure

Turn to the light
Don't be frightened of the shadows it creates
Turn to the light
Turning away would be a terrible mistake

Anarchistic moral vision
Industries of death
Facing violent opposition
Unmolested breathe

Ethic inquisitions breed
Antagonistic views
Right wing sound bite premonitions
In a labyrinth of rules

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life
Life to save life
Taking life to save life

This embryonic clay
Wrapped in fierce debate
Would be thrown away
Or otherwise discarded

Some of us believe
It may hold the key
To treatment of disease
And secrets highly guarded

Are you justified
Are you justified
Are you justified
Justified in taking
Life to save life
Life to save life
Life to save life

Human kind has reached a turning point
Poised for

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