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Исполнитель: Die Krupps

Название песни: Paradise Now

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Дата добавления: 2016-05-17

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Текст песни:

Look at the past - what do you see
look at the present -what do you see
look to the future - what do you see
it's to clearly see - what will be

Growing contempt in these hearts and minds
a feeling of anger that makes them blind
rising to the surface the will to destroy
shaking the system like a defected toy

Paradise now - our demand is
Paradise now - make them fear us
We will grow

Shout it out - to hell with agony
Shout it out - to hell with misery

Look deep inside you - what do you feel
test your senses - to see what is real
look in the mirror - what do you see
what you desire - make reality

When enemies connect like seperated brothers
when hell becomes heaven and haters lovers
then we have built the ideal place
a land that's rich of peace and grace

No more misery

Видео: Die Krupps - 03 - Paradise now


Paradise Now Die Krupps

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