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Исполнитель: ДаКи

Название песни: Criminal

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Дата добавления: 2016-08-25

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Текст песни:

I feel like a criminal
It’s breaking me down
I’m smashed into pieces, girl
And scattered around
Crimes of the century
Are innocent fun
When I get to think of you
And all that I’ve done

I feel like a criminal
But my fault is minimal
This is my guilty plea
Don’t turn your back on me
And have mercy please
Stop driving me insane
And kiss away my pain

I feel like a criminal
It couldn’t be worse
I thought I could kill my love
But love killed me first
You were the greatest thing
That I’ve ever had
This life is so beautiful
This life is so sad

Show me
That you’re not some plastic doll
Say yes
Come closer and hear my call
C’mon work your magic, girl

Видео: Евровидение-2014.Группа ДаКи-Criminal // Eurovision-2014.DAKI-Criminal


Criminal ДаКи

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