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Исполнитель: Curiosity Killed The Cat

Название песни: Mile High

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Shifting and on myself make the feel like you're
playing a game burstling sounds from all around
the DJ gonna throok our face
Watching all those clows go by fascination then
entertain singin':
Won't heart you won't heart you won't heart you back
won't heart you won't heart you won't hear you back
Neither friends or neither form moving fast that moving
slow I ain't got that time and walkin'all fellas
my heart get to your soul
Watching all those gablers by I made and make not sound
to blame with all those sounds from all around
I really can't take it no more but guys sweet the score
is for me before cars seems to claim singin':
Won't heart you won't heart you won

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Mile High Curiosity Killed The Cat

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