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Исполнитель: CunninLynguists

Название песни: Lynguistics

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Дата добавления: 2014-11-28

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«So fuck the commercial tracks you be doin,
A brother got to eat. Why don’t you rap for food then».

[Deacon and Kno exhanging verses * = Kno rapping]

The music makes me high
Even though I stay away from canibus, like Wyclef
*Deacon and Kno, fry sets.*
Similar to Christ,
*We got divine reps so tell me*
If you know your gonna die *why step?*
Show no mercy
*For rules and crews*
You hit with more bricks than new ?
*Riddles confusing fools,* like Confucian rules
*Cos most cats are more squared than Rubik’s Cubes*
We spit raps that are totally murderous
*The rhymes are like an anaconda serpent clutch*
So check out how these herbs get touched
*Unless your broads giving us brains*
Nigga you ain’t servin us
*Deacon and Kno,* cunning lynguists with stunning English
*Our true lies bring more pumps* than Harry Rehnquist
*Every week* with the best speech
Roll with cats who smoke more trees than the flash and burn techniques
*Sex, beats, between bed sheets*
Red fleets, Pulp Fiction style
*leaving your car with red seats*
We make like fly swatters and smash pests
*Put peeps under more pressure than a Kelly Price bed set*
Keep your bodies looking like samples for the Rorscach Test
*Ink blots,* so fuck around and get your team rocked
*Jugga’s in the back with the beam cocked*
Gots to have everything between L.A. and Queens locked

Uh huh, word, uh huh word, yo yo, check it out
Cunninlynguists, know what I’m saying?
You know how we do
I mean, you probably don’t know how we do
But you’re about to find out.
Like wha, like wha…

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Lynguistics CunninLynguists

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