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Исполнитель: Black Light Burns

Название песни: Lie

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Текст песни:

I'm living a lie
And it's not the best thing for me
But anyone and everyone is gonna hear another story
I'm building a house
Of murderous intention
To keep it all from coming down
I've gotta focus my attention
'cause confidence is key
When violating trust
I'm making sure that i believe
I'm doing what i must
Which is attempting to kill
The little boy inside
But as hard as i try...
The child will not die.

Now I'm burning alive, just like you

I'm irrelevant
And I'm living down in the shit
I follow these pigs around
But i never get used to it
'cause they keep building and building
Their feculent franchise
I wish i could see this filth
Through someone else's eyes
'cause ignorance was bliss
But now i must adjust
These animals, they operate
On jealousy and lust
I'm taking back what was lost
And i will not be denied
I'm crawling my way to the surface outside

Now I'm burning alive, just like you

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Lie Black Light Burns

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